It is the line that is packaging of ready for automatic palletizing the panel radiators, whose production are complete, lowered from the hanger after paint shop. Packaging of the radiators which are at the height between 300 mm and 1000 mm and up to 4500 mm length.

The parts of the line are;

  • Product identification station (Automatic panel identification)
  • Automatic transposition station
  • Automatic transfer conveyors
  • Automatic bubbled nylon/wave carton cutting station
  • Automatic telescopic shrink nylon cutting station
  • Shrink Oven

For energy efficiency and heat sensitivity, PID control is used in shrink oven.

Product Cycle time= 10 m / min (paint shop exit speed)

Transposition unit Placement: Width= 8m Length= 10m

Line Placement:       Length = 100m