It is the line that provides full automatic production of the chimneys in the kitchen hood. 2 different models can be produced at the same time. (Outer chimney, inner chimney) Both of the DKP and INOX materials can be produced in the machine.

It consists of 10 stations.

  • Sheet metal transferring and centering station
  • Big hole punch station
  • Small hole and slot punch station
  • Transfer robot between stations
  • Side bending station
  • Cold reduction station
  • Edge bending station
  • U bending station (R5)
  • U bending station (R1,5)
  • Unloading conveyor

Product flexibility is provided by designing big and small hole molds changeable according to the needs by software. Bending molds can be changed. Changeable dimensions can be used in different molds for bending.

Product Cycle time= 40 sec / 2 pieces

Placement (mm):       Width   = 2500      Length = 25000                Height  = 2000