MEKATRONİK takes into consideration not only the quality of the system which is developed for customers, but also the quality of service. All facilities of modern technologies are used to keep quality and customer satisfaction at the highest level. We give support to our customers at any time, in any place by mail, telephone, fax and internet.

MEKATRONİK is aware of its products are using in production environment. To minimize waste of resources the firm had adjusted its philosophy as fast and continuous support. The problems which are met while using the system are forwarded to MEKATRONİK as soon as possible. The problems are announced to support staff. The problems are solved within the specified time by service support agreements. In the light of obtained data, preventive activities are shared with authorities while customer visitation and together the common solution is found. The projects are not only evaluated in implementation period but also technical support is very important after implementation for lasting relation strategies with our clients. Via R&D Department’s evaluation of users’ support offers; it is trying to develop more quality and more reliable.

MEKATRONİK adopt in principle to keep high service standards, high quality and low price for all companies by being aware of the relations between MEKATRONİK and Turkey’s superior firms.  With the aim of build those relations on firm ground, it is tried to give high quality services to the customers according to the level of work.